Online small business loans -A business loan is available immediately

Does your company need additional financing right away? No problem! Now a wide range of company loans is available, which can be obtained practically on the spot and for any purpose. Who offers them? What conditions must be met? How fast can the funds be on your account? Many companies are currently opting for external […]

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Mortgage annuity loan: all you need to know

Article index 1 Mortgage annuity loan: how does it work? 2 Mortgage annuity and property value 3 When to return the loan? 4 Mortgage annuity loan and early termination 5 Concessions 6 Advantages and disadvantages 7 Mortgage and surrogate life annuity: what is there to know? 8 What are the costs and expenses? 9 Mortgage […]

Loan without paycheck with mortgage on the house or mortgage loan

Getting a mortgage loan without a paycheck is not a difficult undertaking. The main requirement, as for other types of financing, is to ensure the payment of the repayment installments of the loan. In this case it will be our property to act as a guarantee . In a period such as the current one, […]

Business crowdlending barometer

Best month of the year 2018, the month of October ends by having allowed to finance the companies with close to 17 M €. The increase over the year amounts to 31% compared to 2017. Discover the figures of the Robinson Crusoe “Company” of October 2018. The monthly barometer is produced in partnership with, […]

Crowdlending barometer of August 2018

Good August for platforms in France with a 161% increase in funding compared to August 2017. In total, the increase in amounts collected stood at 28% at the end of August 2018 (compared to 2017). Discover the figures of the Robinson Crusoe “Company” of the month of August 2018.   The monthly barometer is produced […]

The debt ratio in your life

The debt ratio in your life The debt ratio is a unit of measurement, an index to assess a household’s ability to repay a loan. We regularly hear about the debt ratio which is actually a synonym for the debt ratio. Whenever we want to obtain credit in the form of a loan from a financial […]

Crowdlending barometer of September 2018

  As last year, the month of September is not a very big month for the Robinson Crusoe in France, with corporate financing up to 7.7 M €. In total, the increase in the amounts collected stood at 26% at the end of September 2018 (compared to 2017). Discover the figures of the Robinson Crusoe […]